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VIJAY & SOFIA FEAT. HANNAH YOUNG - Falling Down scaricare
Inserito da: 9 essere önce By: Ego Italy

VIJAY & SOFIA FEAT. HANNAH YOUNG - Falling Down vodeo scarica

Inserito da: Ego ItalyStoria Video: 9 essere önce

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Vijay & Sofia are Belgian and when it comes to music and tattoo they do simply great, it’s their art, their life, their passion. They are used to reach amazing numbers, results and support with their tracks and remixes. And they reach over than one million clicks per month just on Soundcloud. Proof of their talent, the label of Daft Punk contacted them to release their remix of "Get Lucky" on Columbia in Vinyl Edition.
They just teamed up with talented and emotional singer Hannah Young for “Falling Down”. And don’t miss the amazing remixes by Alex Cruz & No One 32 and by Notte. Side effects: love, joy and good music.