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JENN MOREL - Ponteme (Official Video) scaricare
Inserito da: 9 essere önce By: Ego Italy

JENN MOREL - Ponteme (Official Video) vodeo scarica

Inserito da: Ego ItalyStoria Video: 9 essere önce

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Dominican Bombshell Jenn Morel is currently on fire with her smash debut record “Pónteme”. This eclectic, Afro-Latina is an amazingly talented rapper, actress and dancer known for going viral daily. With over 500,000 followers through out social media, fans daily witness her authenticity, her spontaneity, her humour, and her jaw dropping beauty. “Pónteme” is an addictive track to play only at full blast, so get ready to shake your body.

Jenn holds humble beginnings, born and raised as child in the mountains of the Dominican Republic, before immigrating to the United States at the age of 6. Her start in the entertainment industry was as a Go - Go dancer in New York City legendary nightclubs such as Webster Hall, Finale, Griffin and Pacha. The following years would see Jenn be a backup dance for the likes of LMFAO, Neyo and appear in music videos for Drake, Nicki Minaj and Trey Songz. Today Jenn is one of social media’s top influencers generating millions of impressions, creating viral comedy skits, and campaigns with huge brands. Music is Jenn’s newest frontier to dominate. “Pónteme” was born on Instagram apart of her signature #FlowFridays, a weekly rap showcase Jenn puts on for her adoring fans. Jenn states “My transition to music has been such an amazing experience. What started as one of my 1 minute flows has grown to become something bigger than me, a movement for other woman to have the confidence to express themselves. It makes me so happy everyday to see my fans dance to my song”. The hot choreography in the “Pónteme” music video can be found all over Instagram thanks to Jenn’s fans with the hashtag #PóntemeChallenge. Jenn Morel’s unique style is making her a force to recognize, with her debut performance at the EDC Mexico 2017 main stage. Jenn Morel is without a doubt one of Latin music’s rising stars.