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JACOB BELLENS - Untouchable (Vijay & Sofia Remix) scaricare
Inserito da: 9 essere önce By: Ego Italy

JACOB BELLENS - Untouchable (Vijay & Sofia Remix) vodeo scarica

Inserito da: Ego ItalyStoria Video: 9 essere önce

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JACOB BELLENS - Untouchable (Vijay & Sofia Remix) out now.
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Beautiful music is our religion. And it’s the best medicine.
Jacob Bellens is Danish. Fans of his solo career as well as of his bands (Murder, I Got You on Tape) know how the music and lyrics of this humble and enigmatic artist crawls under your skin and leaves you moved and wanting for more.
“Untouchable” is all this. Beauty and melancholy. Love and war. Weakness and contradictions. Sometimes you have to dry your eyes to see clearly.
Poetry at its best.