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SEJO - Too Young (FO∆ Remix) scaricare
Inserito da: 9 essere önce By: Ego Italy

SEJO - Too Young (FO∆ Remix) vodeo scarica

Inserito da: Ego ItalyStoria Video: 9 essere önce

8, 998 vista sai

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Sejo is a beautiful 23-year-old Italian singer and dancer. After years of hard work between dance practise rooms and singing classes, she was discovered by four Italian producers: Roberto Turatti, Barbara Schera Vanoli, Jacopo Festa and Carl Fath. And she started working right away with them.
Together they create her debut single “Too Young”, a track about love experienced by a free spirit. Sejo translates the lyrics both with her stunning voice, her body and movements; she charms the listener and brings him between the West and East.

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