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Inserito da: 6 giorno önce By: Ego Italy


Inserito da: Ego ItalyStoria Video: 6 giorno önce

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KAMALEON - Mas (Official Video) coming soon.

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Born in Spain in the Canary Islands, Kamaleon arrives in France at age of 5. He lives and grows in Paris but never forgets his origins and Latin roots. He is a true chameleon: his voice adapts to genres, tones and other projects, but his first love is and remains the reggaeton. His first singles start buzzing around but his consecration comes with "Mas" in heavy rotation on NRJ (the 3rd most played track on the radio with over 6 million daily listeners in France), a summer tour confirmed with NRJ, a Top 10 Shazam France and a Top 20 in the Media Control overall.
And this is a success yet to be written that will take us from here to the summer. You were wondering how the new Alvaro Soler, Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin would have looked like? Here he is: he’s called Kamaleon and the new reggaeton song of summer 2017 is served.