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The Violent Patriot (Giovanni dalle Bande Nere) - Full Movie by Film&Clips scaricare
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The Violent Patriot (Giovanni dalle Bande Nere) - Full Movie by Film&Clips vodeo scarica

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The Violent Patriot (Giovanni dalle Bande Nere) - Full Movie by Film&Clips

Director: Sergio Grieco
Writers: Luigi Capranica (story), Sandro Continenza (dialogue)
Stars: Vittorio Gassman, Constance Smith, Gérard Landry

The legendary John of the Black Bands begin a romantic relationship with a beautiful girl without revealing his identity. The girl unconsciously discovers the truth and retires to a convent. She think that John is guilty of the death of her family, and cannot continue to love him. He remains wounded in battle...
Genius in the arts of war and man ever stood taller than this hero who hurled back the invading hordes across the Alps.

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